BrailleScreen's Website

Hello. Welcome to my site! I am Patrick, and this is my little space on the internet.
I enjoy server administration, programming, sports, and all types of other stuff as well.
I also provide hosting for random things like TeamTalk servers, a basic webpage and the like.

Contact me

If you, for whatever reason, wish to see what I am up to, below are some ways you can contact me:


I do all of this in my spare time, and primarily out of my pocket. If you could consider a small donation as a ticket of appriciation, that would mean a lot to me. If you would like to do such a thing, you can Donate via PayPal.

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks so much for visiting my little space on the internet! If you like, you can also check out my random audio index. Also, this website might have more stuff happen. Again, thanks so much for stopping by!